About Us

Who we are

Polymers Clinic is a team of passionate engineers that have grown up in the Plastic Injection Molding industry and its secondary processes since 1987.

All of us decided to have more than one hundred years of experience to your service, we feel confident that the level of expertise achieved by working for a variety of industries (automotive, beauty packaging, consumer, medical, firearms, food packaging, etc.,) and trained by high skilled mentors in Mexico, USA, Canada, Asia and Europe will support this part of the industry by providing technical and management solutions with a high level of effectiveness and worth to your company goals. This multifunctional team covers all the core areas of this process and finds their proposed solutions or improvements by executing Lean Manufacturing methodologies, techniques and more existing investigation tools.

Our team members are in USA and Mexico, which helps us provide quick and diversified solutions to our customers in the two countries. You can contact us in English or Spanish, we will be glad to hear from you and happy to contribute to your success.